Consciousness-Based Education Book Series

Volume 8: Consciousness-Based Education and Management

Dennis Heaton, PhD, Volume Editor
Jane Schmidt-Wilk, PhD, Volume Editor
Bruce McCollum, PhD, Volume Editor
Softcover, 432 pp.
Published in 2012

Management theories and practices have come and gone by the score over the last century. Consciousness-Based management traces management to its ultimate source in human consciousness. All aspects of management, from leadership to organizational behavior, from ethics to human resource management, are expressions of human consciousness, of human creative intelligence. If we can understand the dynamics of consciousness, we can understand the fundamental dynamics of management. And if we can systematically develop consciousness — that is, increase creative intelligence in the individual and the organization — we can systematically improve management at every level.

The papers in this volume draw on the work of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the world’s foremost scientist of consciousness and scholar of the ancient Vedic tradition of knowledge. This volume includes theoretical papers as well as research on the application of Consciousness-Based management to management education and development, organization development, and employee health.

A fundamental principle of Consciousness-Based management is that human beings have access, in the simplest form of their own awareness, to the source of natural law itself, the unified field of all the laws of nature — the same field of intelligence that manages the entire universe. As managers open to this field of intelligence deep within, they can learn to manage with the same skill that the laws of nature manage the cosmos. Then, as Maharishi has expressed it, “administration is automatic, problem-free, ever-progressive, and ever-evolutionary as the administration of the universe through natural law.”

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