Consciousness-Based Education Book Series

Volume 10: Consciousness-Based Education and Computer Science

Keith Levi, PhD, Volume Editor
Paul Corrazza, PhD, Volume Editor
Softcover, 328 pp.
Published in 2012

Teaching and learning may take place in classrooms or in other physical settings, but computer science, like all academic disciplines, is an expression of human creative intelligence, of human consciousness.

If we can understand the fundamental principles and dynamics of consciousness, we can gain deeper insight into the field of computer science, indeed, into all academic disciplines.

The articles in this volume discuss how the theoretical foundations of computer science are based on fundamental principles and dynamics inherent within the field of pure consciousness, as described in the science of consciousness known as Maharishi Vedic Science — and how the direct personal experience of this field, through Maharishi’s technologies of consciousness, steadily develops higher levels of skill, insight, and productivity in computer scientists.

This Consciousness-Based approach expands our understanding of the fundamental principles of computer science, even the very notion of computing. This approach also adds a much-needed experiential component to the process of software development — embodied in a new agile process called absolute programming — by which Consciousness-Based technologies directly enhance the software engineer’s intelligence and capabilities.

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