Consciousness-Based Education Book Series

Volume 6: Consciousness-Based Education and Literature

Terrance Fairchild, PhD, Volume Editor
Softcover, 532 pp.
Published in 2012

Like the pond Henry David Thoreau fathoms in Walden, literature may be explored at increasingly subtle levels. Experienced readers quickly transcend to these subtler levels and discover literary meanings and aesthetic joys far beyond the obvious.

The best literature — he plays of William Shakespeare, the poems of Emily Dickinson, the essays of Ralph Waldo Emerson, the novels of Virginia Woolf—are seemingly boundless, but all literature, like all phases of life, arises from an infinite field of pure consciousness. This field forms the starting point for Consciousness-Based education.

Every work of literature emerges from the consciousness of the writer, and every work is experienced and appreciated in the consciousness of the reader. Consciousness-Based education provides simple, natural, effortless techniques for awakening, enlivening, and expanding consciousness for both writers and readers. Writers find their creative abilities enhanced, readers their appreciative capacities refined and deepened.

Consciousness-Based education also furnishes a simple but profound intellectual understanding of the dynamics of consciousness. Applied to literary studies, this understanding allows literature to be explored and understood in a dynamic and relevant new light

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