Consciousness-Based Education Book Series

Volume 11: Consciousness-Based Education and Sustainability

Mabel Scaroni-Fisher, PhD, Volume Editor
David Fisher, PhD, Volume Editor
Softcover, 440 pp.
Published in 2012

Critical environmental problems we face today, from global warming to the degradation of ecosystems, are not technological problems. They are human problems. Wind turbines, solar arrays, organic agriculture — these initiatives and countless others are necessary but not sufficient to create the sustainable, abundant, and peaceful world we all desire.

True sustainability begins within human beings. Creating a truly sustainable world requires an inner transformation, a transformation in human consciousness. Deep within the mind of every individual is a field of silent, pure, unbounded consciousness. This field is simultaneously the most fundamental field of nature, the wellspring of all the laws of nature.

Consciousness-Based Education provides simple, natural technologies that develop the total potential of consciousness — for “diving within” and awakening this field, thus bringing life into harmony with the laws of nature. It also provides a profound understanding of the dynamics of consciousness itself. Applied to the field of sustainable living, Consciousness-Based Education offers a rich new approach to cultivating the full potential of consciousness as the foundation for a truly sustainable, peaceful, and prosperous world.

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