Consciousness-Based Education Book Series

Volume 7: Consciousness-Based Education and Art

Mathew Beaufort, MA, Volume Editor
Softcover, 526 pp.
Published in 2012

Artists, art lovers, and art educators intuitively appreciate the importance of awareness in the arts — they realize that art is structured in the awareness of the artist, the viewer, and the culture. To achieve the full potential of art, it is therefore vital for artists, viewers, and the culture as a whole to develop human consciousness to the fullest.

How can this be done? In the last 50 years, many artists and art lovers have discovered that the Transcendental Meditation technique, brought to light by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, offers a simple, natural, effortless, and scientifically validated method for directly developing consciousness, increasing creativity and intelligence, refining perceptual abilities, and expanding awareness—thereby elevating both the artist’s ability to create and the viewer’s ability to appreciate.

They have also discovered that the body of knowledge about consciousness and higher human development that Maharishi put forward provides a new way of thinking about art — a wide-angle lens to view the field of art systematically and holistically, illuminating past, present, and future possibilities for art and civilization.

This volume brings together essays by artists, art educators, and art theorists who practice the Transcendental Meditation technique and have been inspired by Maharishi’s insights into the nature of consciousness, art, creativity, and culture. It will be a valuable and inspiring resource for anyone involved in the arts

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