Physiological Patterns of Cosmic Consciousness — Computer Tasks

EEG Markers during Computer Tasks

EEG Markers of Growing Higher States of Consciousness during Computer Tasks: Increased CNV Amplitude and Decreased Distractibility


The experience of transcendental consciousness, which first occurs during Transcendental Meditation® practice, systematically is integrated with waking, sleeping and dreaming states with regular TM® practice. This is called the state of Cosmic Consciousness.

We recorded EEG during simple and choice contingent negative variation (CNV) tasks in 17 subjects reporting the experience of Cosmic Consciousness for at least one year. We compared their EEG to two comparison groups — 17 individuals who did not practice the Transcendental Meditation® technique and 17 who had been meditating for an average of 7 years.

In individuals reporting the experience of Cosmic Consciousness, CNV was higher in simple but lower in choice trials, and during these tasks alpha/gamma ratios and broadband frontal EEG coherence were higher. These values were combined to form a Brain Integration Scale.



Increased EEG amplitude and coherence, characteristic of TM practice, appeared to become a stable EEG trait during CNV tasks in these subjects. These significant EEG differences may underlie the inverse patterns in CNV amplitude seen between groups. An “Integration Scale,” constructed from these cortical measures, may characterize the transformation in brain dynamics corresponding to increasing integration of the transcendent with waking and sleeping. This Brain Integration Scale could be used to assess growth of brain integration during one’s schooling and generally throughout life.


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