Brain Integration Scale

eeg_reportcard14854Higher brain integration is correlated with higher emotional stability, higher ego development and higher success in life. What impact does your college experience have on your brain — and therefore on your health, happiness, and well-being?

Maharishi International University offers students the chance to have their brainwaves recorded to measure where they fall on a Brain Integration Scale. All students can also have their brainwaves recorded again as Seniors to assess the effects of their college experience on brain functioning.

The Brain Integration Scale has been combined with scores on standardized psychological measurements and evaluation of subjective reports of self-development to create the Brain Integration Progress Report. The Brain Integration Progress Report supplements traditional measures of student progress such as grades or performance on standardized cognitive and performance tests.

The five components of the Brain Integration Progress Report include: brain integration during tasks; emotional stability levels; moral reasoning levels; practical intelligence; and self-report measures of development of consciousness. The growth of these measures are indicators of increasing health, happiness and success.


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