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Some articles prior to Volume 7 can be viewed in HTML format and are also listed below. All articles can be obtained by ordering the appropriate volume of Modern Science and Vedic Science through the Maharishi International University Press.
Volume 1, Number 1
Modern Science and Vedic Science: An Introduction
Kenneth Chandler
Is Consciousness the Unified Field? A Field Theorist’s Perspective
John S. Hagelin
Higher States of Consciousness in the Vedic Psychology of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi: A Theoretical Introduction and Research Review
Charles N. Alexander, Robert W. Boyer, and Victoria K. Alexander
Volume 1, Number 2
Maharishi’s Program to Create World Peace: Theory and Practice
David Orme-Johnson, and Michael Dillbeck
Volume 1, Number 3
A Unified Field Theory of Literature
Rhoda F. Orme-Johnson
Volume 1, Number 4
The Maharishi Technology of the Unified Field in Education: Principles, Practice and Research
Susan Levin Dillbeck
Holistic Student Development at Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment: Theory and Research
Sanford I. Nidich, and Randi Jeanne Nidich
Psychological Health and Development of Students at Maharishi International University: A Controlled Longitudinal Study
Paul Gelderloos
Volume 2, Number 1
New Perspectives in Medical Practice: The Psychophysiological Approach of Maharishi Ayurveda
Byron P. Rigby
Maharishi Ayurveda: An Introduction to Recent Research
Jay L. Glaser
Volume 2, Number 2
The Cosmic Psyche — An Introduction to Maharishi Vedic Psychology: The Fulfillment of Modern Psychology
David Orme-Johnson
The Cosmic Psyche as the Unified Source of Creation Verification through Scientific Principles, Direct Experience, and Scientific Research
David Orme-Johnson
Volume 2, Number 3
The Self-Interacting Dynamics of Consciousness as the Source of the Creative Process in Nature and in Human Life — The Mechanics of Individual Intelligence Arising from the Field of Cosmic Intelligence — the Cosmic Psyche
Michael C. Dillbeck
Art and the Unified Field
Michael P. Cain
Volume 2, Number 4
Deconstruction and Maharishi Vedic Science
William S. Haney II
Volume 3, Number 1
Restructuring Physics From Its Foundation in Light of Maharishi Vedic Science
John S. Hagelin
Vedic Mathematical Concepts and Their Application to Unsolved Mathematical Problems: Three Proofs of Fermat’s Last Theorem
S.K. Kapoor
Volume 3, Number 2
Experience of the Ved — Realization of the Cosmic Psyche by Direct Perception: Opening Individual Awareness to the Self-Interacting Dynamics of Consciousness
Michael C. Dillbeck
An Essay On The Application of Maharishi’s Vedic Science to Agriculture as a Solution to the Problem of Pesticides
Samuel W. James, PhD
The Impact of Maharishi’s Vedic Science Based Education in Higher Education: The Example of Maharishi International University
Christopher H. Jones
Volume 4, Number 1
Improving the National Economy through Alliance with Nature’s Government: Effects of the Group Practice of Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi Program
Kenneth L. Cavanaugh, Kurleigh D. King, and Birney D. Titus
An Empirical Test of Maharishi’s Junction Point Model of States of Consciousness
Frederick T. Travis
Volume 4, Number 2
The Bhagavad-Gita: A Case Study in Vedic Psychology
Michael C. Dillbeck
Unified Field Based Economics
John Hagelin, PhD and Scott Herriott, PhD
Thomas Traherne’s Concept of Felicity, the “Highest Bliss,” and the Higher States of Consciousness of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s Vedic Science and Technology
James J. Balakier
Volume 5, Number 1 & 2
Introduction to the Proceedings of the Conference on Approaches to Creating a Stable World Peace
David Orme-Johnson, PhD
Creating a Stable World Peace
Emily Markides
Achieving World Peace through a New Science and Technology
John Hagelin, PhD
Theory and Research on Conflict Resolution through the Maharishi Effect
David Orme-Johnson, PhD
Reflections on Collective Consciousness: The Persian Gulf Debate
Francis A. Beer
Alternative Global Visions of a New World Order
Rod Grubb
Constraints on the Use of Force: The Role of International Law
Ved P. Nanda
Citizen Diplomacy
John W. McDonald
Assessing the Impact of Coherence-Creating Groups on the Lebanon War
John L. Davies
Assessing the Impact of Peace Building Processes
Paul R. Kimmel
Development and World Peace — Are They Compatible?
Andrés Liebenthal
An Evolutionary Approach to World Peace
Peter L. Salk
Maharishi Vedic Science and Technology: The Only Means to Create World Peace
Bevan Morris
Maharishi’s Vedic Science and Technology — The Basis for Economic Development and World Peace
Ken Cavanaugh, PhD
Volume 6, Number 1
Absolute Principles of Society in Maharishi’s Commentary on the Bhagavad-Gita
Geoffrey A. Wells and Samuel Y. Boothby
The Health Care Cost Crisis and the Role of Prevention: New Approaches Utilizing the Transcendental Meditation Program
Robert Herron, PhD
Summary of Scientific Research on Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi Program
David Orme-Johnson, PhD
Success in Government
Ian Douglas
Volume 7, Number 1 — Silver Jubilee Issue
Twenty-Five Years of Unfolding Knowledge of Pure Consciousness through Maharishi Vedic Science
Susan Levin Dillbeck, Michael C. Dillbeck
The Significance of Pure Consciousness for Education
James D. Grant, Christopher H. Jones
The Knowledge and Experience of Self-Referral Consciousness and the Fulfillment of Interdisciplinary Study
Samuel Y. Boothby, PhD
Maharishi’s Program of Reading the Vedic Literature: Unfolding the Total Potential of Natural Law
William F. Sands
Consciousness and Literary Studies
Susan Setzer and Terry Fairchild
Consciousness as the Subject and Object of Physics: Towards a New Paradigm for the Physical Sciences
Kai J. Drühl
Maharishi’s Absolute Number: The Mathematical Theory and Technology of Everything
John F. Price
How Maharishi Vedic Science Answers the Questions of the Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics in the Sciences
Catherine A. Gorini
Vedic Computation: Redefining Computer Science in the Light of Maharishi Vedic Science
Gregory Guthrie
Beyond the Current Paradigm in Management Thought: Alignment with Natural Law Through Maharishi Vedic Management
Kurleigh D. King and Scott R. Herriott
Maharishi Vedic Psychology Brings Fulfillment to the Aspirations of Twentieth-Century Psychology
Charles Alexander, Frederick Travis, B. Mawiyah Clayborne, and Dori Rector
The Holistic Education of Artists through Maharishi Vedic Science: Unfolding the Infinite Reservoir of Creativity in Individual Awareness
Matthew Beaufort, Anna J. Bonshek, Lee C. Fergusson
The Significance of the Maharishi Vedic Approach to Health for Modern Health Care and Medical Education
Robert H. Schneider, Barry M. Charles, David Sands, Denise Denniston Gerace, Richard E. Averbach, Stuart Rothenberg
Volume 8, Number 1
Natural Law in the Valmiki Ramayan in the Light of Maharishi Vedic Science and Technology
William F. Sands, PhD
Maharishi’s Vedic Mathematics in Elementary Education: Developing All Knowingness to Improve Affect, Achievement, and Mental Computation
John M. Muehlman, PhD
Volume 9, Number 1 — Literature Issue
Whitman, Transcendentalism and the American Dream: Alliance with Nature’s Government through Language
Susan Setzer, PhD
Time, Eternity, and Immortality in T. S. Eliot’s Four Quartets
Terry Fairchild, PhD
Volume 10, Number 1 — Spanish Literature Issue
A Vedic Science Based Poetics: Toward a New Theory of Literature
William Haney, PhD
Language, Self-Knowledge, and Maharishi Vedic Science: Grasping the Fullness of Literary Texts
John Flodstrom, PhD
Tracing the Path of Transcending: The Source of Creativity in Lope de Vega’s El ganso de oro
Frederick de Armas, PhD
Transcendental Speech and Poetic Expression in John of the Cross
Evelyn Toft, PhD
Juan Ramón Jiménez, Martin Heidegger, and Maharishi Vedic Science: The Experience of Being
Tim Ambrose, PhD