Media Coverage Videos of Robert Schneider

Ancient Approach to Health Sciences Brought to Fairfield

Our Conscious Future – Mind Over DNA: Transforming DNA from the Inside Out

TOTAL HEART HEALTH: An Introduction with Robert Schneider, MD, FACC | David Lynch Foundation

Dr. Schneider Discusses Vedic Psychiatry and Maharishi AyurVeda

Effects of Meditation on High Blood Pressure and Your Arteries – Dr. Robert Schneider

Dr. Schneider On Heart Health

Different Meditation Techniques have different Brain Effects – Dr. Robert Schneider

Effects of Meditation on Mental Health – Dr. Robert Schneider

Robert Schneider – Health Within

The Project – Dr. Robert Schneider

Dr Robert Schneider explains how Transcendental Meditation helps the brain deal with stress

Brain Imaging of Transcendental Meditation – Dr. Robert Schneider

Dr. Robert Schneider – The Intelligence of Holistic Medicine

Dr. Robert Schneider on Epigenetics

Interview with Dr. Robert Schneider on 2UE’s Healthy Living Program

Dr Robert Schneider Preview Our Conscious Future

American Heart Association recommends TM to lower blood pressure – Dr. Robert Schneider

Lower High Blood Pressure with Transcendental Meditation

Robert Schneider, MD, discussing his recent publication in the AHA Journal, Circulation

Dr. Robert Schneider: Heart Attack Hope – with Dr Richard Broome

Robert Schneider, MD discusses his latest research

Dr. Robert Schneider on MIND-BODY-HEART tour — TV talk show in New Zealand

Lowering Blood Pressure and Stress Naturally – Dr. Robert Schneider

Total Mental Health: A Model for Vedic Psychiatry Based on Principles of Maharishi AyurVeda

Dr. Robert Schneider – International Conference to Re-Establish Vedic India


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