Blaze Compton

Blaze Compton, MA, is the National Prison Project Coordinator for the David Lynch Foundation (DLF) and a
Certified Transcendental Meditation Instructor. For the past eight years, in cooperation with the Oregon
Department of Corrections, Western Oregon University, and the Center for Social and Emotional Health at
Maharishi International University, he has been the on-site director ofThe Oregon Prison Initiative, an
ongoing research project funded by DLF investigating the effects of The Transcendental Meditation Technique
on inmate trauma, criminal thinking, and a variety of other focuses traditionally associated with criminal
tendencies and recidivism.


Nidich S, O’Connor T, Rutledge T, Duncan J, Compton B, Seng A, Nidich R. (2016). Reduced trauma symptoms and
perceived stress in male prison inmates through the Transcendental Meditation program: A randomized controlled
trial. The Permanente Journal, 20(4):43-47.

Nidich S, Seng A, Compton B, O’Connor T, Salerno J, Nidich, R. (2017). Transcendental Meditation and reduced
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